Thursday, March 15, 2018

Life lately...

Left: A basket full of antique wood finials. Right: A 1930s burnout velvet and rayon dress in a rare larger size!

Left: Salvaged vintage tapestries for upcycling. Right: Many of the brass items in my antique shop don't start out so shiny. Most look like this box full of brass, above - Brown with green verdigris flecks.

Left and Right: My Valentine's Day gift to myself, an antique tramp art wood inlaid table top.

Left: A rare WWII 1940s parachute silk peignoir set. Right: An 1980s tapestry jacket with a whole menagerie of animals hidden in it!

Left: 3 bird baskets, which are now listed in the antique shop as part of a wall basket collection. Right: An estate sale yielded a cardboard full of Victorian era glass buttons!

Left: Spring hikes in the desert. Right: Awesome studded bell sleeves!

Left: Boxes of vintage test tubes. Right: The dragon embroidery on a 1940s souvenir kimono.

Left: The coolest mid century modern brass teardrop lamp was listed in the antique shop! Right: Three vintage brass duck head hooks, ready to be turned into a coat rack.

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