Sunday, April 15, 2018

Life lately...

Top: A decor idea, maybe? Using vintage test tubes as bud vases. Test tubes now in the shop! Bottom: I found two depression era primitive parts bins!

Left: An amazing 1970s Mexican embroidered poncho. Right: A vintage brass bird for upcycling.

Left: A spring hike in the mountains. Right: A 1980s horse print jacket.

Left: A killer 1950s swimsuit, now in the shop! Right: So many colorful baskets in the home goods shop!

Left: A lacy 1950s wedding dress. Right: Having fun staging items for a photoshoot.

Top: Spring hikes in the desert. Bottom: An awesome 1980s draped wiggle dress.

Left: What better to edit photos in than a kimono? Right: The open back detail on a 90s jacket.

Left: One of my outfits - A patchwork top and micro mosaic necklace. Right: Rewiring antique lamps for the home goods shop.

Left: Killer lace leg of mutton sleeves. Right: Picking out vintage art for the other shop.

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