Friday, June 15, 2018

Life lately...

I found a 1930s velvet evening gown for one shop (left) and a 1930s wool camp blanket for the other (right).

Top: Sister 1940s asian lounge jackets and, Bottom: Antique wooden farmhouse pulleys.

Left: My outfit details, a 90s crochet top, 60s beaded necklace and 40s beaded bolero jacket. Right: I built a reclaimed wood desk!

Left: A 1920s Mexican embroidered peasant blouse, which sold instantaneously. Right: A fresh round of African baskets were added to the antiques shop.

Left: Sifting through mountains of denim for the clothing shop. Right: 1940s antique Ouija board.

Top: Two 80s handmade cropped blazers, that will be in the shop soon. Bottom: Two 20s asian garments that I previewed and sold on Instagram before they could enter the shop.

Left: Hey, it me in 1950s cat eye sunglasses! Right: The very cool mid century modern antelope print on a 1950s throw pillow, now in the antiques shop.

Left: The keyhole neckline on a 1930s lace and satin nightgown. Right: Behind the scenes of a photo shoot with shop assistants.

Left: I've been collecting, photographing, and listing vintage original artwork for the antiques shop. Right: The detail on a 1950s rhinestone studded lace dress.

Top: Two very cool antique cut glass door handles, that are now in the shop. Bottom: Awesome estate sale home decor finds. Expect most items (minus the large Navajo rug) to be listed in the antiques shop soon.

Left and Right: I found a Victorian era cotton robe with many holes and decided to patch them with star shaped patches. It turned out awesome! Enjoy!

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