About me: My name is Jess. I run two stores, Jessamity, which sells vintage clothing, and 2nd West Antiques, which specializes in vintage/antique home goods. I live in the US desert southwest where I...comb thrift stores for vintage awesomeness...have fun putting on crazy outfits every morning...love to make things myself...love to seek out and explore abandoned buildings...collect antique photos...and try to live life to the fullest.

About the blog: My blog follows my daily pursuits and inspirations with an emphasis on a vintage loving lifestyle, a diy attitude, handmade creativity, and fashion. You'll be able to see my vintage seeking adventures and finds, creative projects and their inspirations, and diy tutorials for some of them. All shop news, updates, and sneak peeks at new items are also featured on the blog.

© Copyright notice: All artwork, designs, and photographs, unless otherwise noted, featured on this blog are the intellectual property of Jess Merritt. Please don't copy my artwork! The DIY project posts are inspiration for fostering creativity but all other projects are my thoughts and how I make a living. Also, please link back and accredit accordingly if using or referencing any material on this blog!
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